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What is is a new online marketplace for trucks, vans, and SUVs that's scheduled to launch in Early Access later this year to select dealerships.

When will launch? is currently scheduled to launch its Early Access period in Q3 2023. The 1.0 launch date will be revealed in upcoming months.

How does my dealership get admission into Early Access?

Early Access is exclusively available to our Foundation Members, who will also have access to discounted pricing, premier placement for aged inventory, unlimited access to future updates, and more.

What Is Enthusiast Mode™?

Enthusiast Mode™ is's proprietary method of search that matches your inventory to in-market consumers based off their interest-profile. Our lifestyle-centric customer journey allows consumers to find their dream vehicle with ease and consider inventory that wasnvt on their short-list.

What is the Foundation Membership?

The Foundation Membership is an exclusive offer limited to 250 seats for dealerships that want to secure their spot on with discounted lifetime pricing, access to exclusive features like premier placement for aged inventory, and unlimited inventory listings. You can sign up at

Where can I sign up for the Foundation Membership?

How much does cost the dealership?

Dealerships that secure their Foundation Membership prior to launch will be grandfathered into discounted pricing at $799/month. If they decide to wait, our standard launch membership is currently forecasted to cost $1799/month and is subject to change.

Why would a dealership want to use has been built from the ground up to address the two biggest qualms dealers told us they have with traditional online marketplaces. Low Quality Leads & Expensive, Nonsensical Fees. will feature a consumer journey powered by machine learning technology to ensure higher quality leads that are primed to purchase.

Why would a consumer want to use

We're building an experience without all the noise and nonsense that consumers have grown to despise. No annoying ads, outdated methods of search, or aggressive chatbots. Our goal is to get consumers excited as we match them to their dream vehicle

Will not having (insert aggressive sales tactic here) result in fewer leads?

We've found that consumers are more likely to disengage from the buyer's journey once confronted with common bloat and negative tropes associated with the automotive industry. We want consumers & enthusiasts alike to associate their future vehicle with a fun, easy-to-navigate experience where they feel in control. Resulting in qualified leads that are excited to purchase.

Will consumers be able to search through traditional methods?

Yes, if preferred, consumers can opt-in to search via Year/Make/Model, Categories, and Keywords.

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