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In front of consumers finding your vehicles by search criteria that has not been available to them until now like towing capacity, bed size, passenger seating and more.

No more interference from these classified marketplaces that involve chats, search filters that do not retain their value among other things that hinder a nice consumer experience which in most cases is the introduction to the experience with your dealership. has revolutionized the shopping experience into a Web 3.0 experience.


Tech Partner

At we realize that in order for a dealership to be successful, the classified marketplaces, search engines and social media all have to be connected correctly in order for the dealership to be successful. Consumers today are in 3 basic areas:

1.Classified and retail marketplaces

2.Search engines

3.Social media destinations

Inventory listed on Search and Social

Transform your truck, SUV and van inventory by connecting it to Google Products and Bing. Top performing, custom landing pages tailored to your shoppers Inventory boost becomes available to advertise by keywords in consumer search attributes.

Get ahead of the competition and drive more sales with! reaches thousands of potential buyers and showcases your inventory with search filters that make sense.

Social media boost

Underperforming inventory can be boosted through proprietary inventory promotion through top search and social media outlets, both organically and through paid advertising.



Our Foundation Membership was created with the enthusiast and dealership in mind. At, we are focused on the experience of being able to buy, build, sell or trade without any of today's hassle in the way.

By connecting a dealership's inventory to the most powerful web destination, search engines and social destinations, a dealership is able to understand the consumer's journey from start to finish.

This point is important because most of today's leads are tire kickers, recycled leads and leads with very little information about where they are in the process, which has overwhelmed both the CRMs and BDCs of the dealership's across North America.

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